Art Gallery - Photography by Jim Lowman
Unsorted Photos of Costa Rica

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coffee cart
Coffee Cart - Costa Rica

coffee beans
Coffee Beans on Tree - Costa Rica

coffee bean
Coffee Bean Germinating - Costa Roca

costa rica
Courtyard - San Jose, Costa Rica

costa rica
Mayan Stone Face - Costa Rica

spiral stair
Spiral Stair Outside - San Jose, Costa Rica

Jesus Lizard
Poised to Run Across the Water - Costa Rica

costa rica
Hotel Angles - San Jose, Costa Rica

yellow viper
Yellow Viper in Tree - Costa Rica

Gecko on a Stick - Costa Rica

How Would You Like Your Coffee?

Boobie Patrols the Sky - Panama

rain Forest Butterfly - Costa Rica

Ugly Frog - Costa Rica

Leaf Pattern in Rainforest - Costa Rica
(*INFO - see detail)

Bullet Ant
Bullet Ant and Kill - Costa Rica

red wings
Rain Forest Denizen - Costa Rica

Molted Skin of the Boa Constrictor - Costa Rica

twig snake
Poisonous Twig Snake - Costa Rica

Poison dart frog
Poison Dart Frog on a Leaf - Costa Rica

howler monkey
Howler Monkey - Costa Rica

green rainforest lizard
Green Rainforest Lizard - Coast Rica

tree sloth
Active Tree Sloth I - Costa Rica

tree sloth
Active Tree Sloth II - Costa Rica

rain forest
Huge Beetle on Rainforest Background - Costa Rica

rainforest snake
Rainforest Snake - Costa Rica

northern jacana
Northern Jacana on Lily Pads - Belize
(*INFO - see close-up)

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