About The Artists

Many of the artists featured in LeafdogArt's Galleries are sucessful professionals/businessmen and women who also express themselves in one or several art techniques. Most of them would not have called themselves artists when they first picked up brush, pen or stylus. But today all are producing interesting and often poignant works. Some in the group have formal training including degrees in Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. Together the group creates a dynamic which crosses age, gender and media definitions resulting in interesting art, critique and cultural expression. See for yourself by clicking the Gallery tab or thumbnail left.

image Sharon Anck

Sharon has spent her career in a variety of management positions mostly within the banking industry. She has no formal art training, however she has had a life-long love of art in all forms. Her creative outlet has for many years been centered in the field of photography. A little over two years ago, she joined a world-wide community of City Daily Photo bloggers, posting a photo a day from the city of Phoenix on Phoenix Daily Photo. She is enjoying being part of the Leafdog SummerArt Challenges, taking her out of her comfort zone to try new things and learn from some very talented artists and art lovers. Click Anck Gallery or one of the above links to see her work.

image Peter Bugg

Peter was born and raised in Madison, WI, and earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago. After spending almost 2 years in South America and Asia, he began work on his MFA in studio art at Arizona State University. When he finally acknowledged his fascination with Hollywood, tabloid magazines, and paparazzi, he began making art about America’s obsession with celebrity. In 2009, he interned at a paparazzi agency in Los Angeles, CA, and his work was featured in the Arizona Biennial at the Tucson Museum of Art. He completed his terminal degree in May of 2010. He has participated in the Leafdog Summer Art Challenges. Click Art Challenge to see his artwork. Peter also has his own website showing more of his art at PeterBugg.com Read here a NewTimes Article about Peter.

image Tom Fay (1940 - 2016)

Tom was an oboist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for 17 years before moving into arts administration as General Manager of the Houston Symphony. Following this he embarked on a highly successful career in Development initially with the University of Wisconsin followed by Arizona State University Foundation where he was Director of Development for the Herberger College of the Arts. Tom was a talented pen and ink artist, specializing in Native American style graphics working out of his studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Click Fay Gallery to see his work.

image Diane Hillyard

Diane was drawn to fiber arts at a young age, designing a multitude of 'couture' doll clothes and then sewing and embellishing her wardrobe. She also spent endless hours dabbling in various visual arts. This interest continued into her professional life in public education, teaching elementary and secondary students utilizing arts integration. Joining the Leafdog Art Challenge and Galleries has provided a platform for experimenting with new techniques and the opportunity to interact with supportive artists. Click Hillyard Gallery to see her work.

image Jillian Jones

Jill was turned on to art at a young age. She worked in colored pencils, ink markers and chalks but quickly graduated to charcoals, watercolors & oils. Today Jill works in the field of Community Relations but she still finds time for her art, focusing mainly on the oil painting techniques of Bob Ross. Click J. Jones Gallery to see her oils and charcoal sketches.

image Tim Keneipp

Tim is an Architect by training. His eye for design blends well with his artistic expression. He is accomplished in many art techniques and often employs mixed media in his works. His gallery page includes many excellent oils and water colors. Several of his sculptures and three dimensional objects are also featured. The Pen and Ink sketches in the gallery are a real treat -- visually pleasing and striking in their structural beauty. Tim's work is featured in publications and online. He is currently emphasizing metal sculpture and works out of his studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Click Keneipp Gallery to see his work. In addition, he is the co-founder of the Leafdog Summer Art Challenges and participates each year. Click Art Challenge to see the Challenge artwork.

image George Lowery

George is a retired police lieutenant. He grew up in the South Bronx, N.Y. where as a young man he developed a passion for building and carving miniature objects from wood. It began with airplanes and small dioramas. Military service, starting a family, and building a career put woodworking on hold. Then in 1988, his son Robert sent him a kit of a wooden ship model for Christmas, and his passion for woodworking was reawakened. George apprenticed under a master model builder for several years, then struck out on his own, and has been building ship models ever since. He now works out of his studio in Phoenix, Arizona and turns out museum quality models. Click George Lowery Gallery to see his wooden ships.

image Jim Lowman

Simultaneous with a successful business career, Jim was focused on fine arts for much of his life -- first as a student and collector, now as a full-time working artist, printer and sculptor. He employs a variety of media, specializing in photography and various fine art printing techniques to display his drawn images. His work has been featured in calendars and used on the internet. His stone recreations of ancient petroglyphs are sold in California at Idyllwild Arts Gallery. Jim studies at Shemer Art Center and works out of his Scottsdale, Arizona studio at LeafdogPress. Click Lowman Gallery to see his photography -- Lowman - Various Media Gallery to see his sketches, sculpture and paintings. He is a co-founder and participant of the Leafdog Summer Art Challenges. Click Art Challenge to see the Challenge artwork. To see his Etched/Intaglio, linocut and silkscreened prints click LeafdogPress.
To see the Shows, Exhibitions in which Jim has participated including Website contributions - click this link.

image Kim MacEachern

A fourth generation Arizonan, Kim's artistic nature surfaced in fits and starts over her lifetime. She grew up across the street from a working artist who offered lessons in her early years, but it most often emerged in personal projects such as calligraphy, crafting, knitting and mural work at home. Her fervor rekindled when she became an Art Masterpiece mentor for her daughter's third grade class. Long a museum denizen, Kim looks seeks out exhibitions in unlikely places to supplement visits to more established institutions: a favorite was the 24- hour Church of Elvis in Portland, OR. After co-authoring three Southwestern cookbooks, Kim was drawn to the Art Challenge as a means of expression and release from her hectic career as a business/ environmental lawyer/lobbyist/judge. She currently serves as the President of the Shemer Art Center and Museum Association, an incubator for local artists in a 1919 adobe house where she has led cooking-craft classes. She has co-authored three Southwestern cookbooks and posts to an art and food blog on line at kmacsobservatory.

image Mike Maffie

Mike is a painter in oils. Over the past few years his typical canvas has been growing to monumental size with some pieces exceeding 8' x 12'. Mike works out of his Santa Fe and Flagstaff studios. Click Maffie Gallery to see his work. This gallery currently has only one piece on display and is under construction.

image Larry Nisula

Larry is multitalented, producing works in bronze, on canvas and various print media. Printing formats include etching/intaglio, silk-screen, wood and lino-cuts. He teaches at several locations in Arizona, including the Shemer Art Center. He works out of his downtown Phoenix studio. Click Nisula Gallery to see his work. In addition, he has participated in the 2010 and 2011 Leafdog Summer Art Challenges. Click Art Challenge to see the Challenge artwork.

image Julie Pace

Julie is a fourth generation Arizonan.  She has continued the artistic skills first expressed in her youth by making mixed media, painted and hand crafted cards.  She developed her artistic "eye", becoming an accomplished photographer.   Her images have been shown in galleries, online, nationally published travel brochures and two books.  Her work can be seen at   Scottsdale Arizona Daily Photo  and Viva La Voyage by clicking these links.  She loves to travel and is an avid art collector having logged more than 50 countries on 6 continents. She is knowledgeable about art in many areas including: Native American, Mexican, Oaxacan, Argentine, Peruvian, European, Chinese, and Tibetan. Julie has recently expanded her personal art skills into sculpture, creating an installation based on a Mexican "Day-of-the-Dead" theme.  In her working life Julie is an influential Arizona lawyer specializing in employment, immigration and OSHA law.  Click Julie Pace Gallery to see a mix of her art. She has participated in the Leafdog Summer Art Challenges each year since 2010.  Click Art Challenge to see the Challenge artwork.

  image Dave Selden

Dave's studies in art history have taken him to more than 50 countries, and he has collected more than 1,000 works of art from 6 continents, including works obtained directly from the artists of indigenous cultures.  His media of choice is photography.  Dave's images have won awards and been used for the cover of a national travel publication. His photography has recently been profiled in a magazine cover story and featured in a gallery. In his working life Dave is a leading Arizona lawyer specializing in employment law and litigation and has been a law school professor.  Dave has recently stretched his art skills by creating watercolor paintings and mixed media sculpture.  He has participanted in the 2010 and 2011 Leafdog Summer Art Challenges. Click Art Challenge to see his artwork at LeafdogArt. Click Tamarindo Costa Rica Daily Photo and Viva La Voyage to see many of his photographs.

     image Ted Wolter

Ted is an eclectic artist. He is an excellent ceramicist as well as a painter/illustrator in watercolors and airbrush. He is active in both fine arts and graphic arts and has considerable computer graphic skills. Ted is a published illustrator with three books currently available at Amazon.com. His work is represented in several permanent collections and he frequently serves as an art juror and guest lecturer. He has an extensive exhibition record of over 90 exhibits, including 10 one-man shows. He received a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Illinois and teaches art at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Click Art Challenge to see his artwork at LeafdogArt (2010 and 2011) and Ted Wolter Gallery to see more of his work at the Community College's Website.

image Barbara McKenzie

Barbara's love for art began in high school where she was given the opportunity to experience free-hand drawing, oil painting, and water based media. She has studied at the University of Cincinnati and at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. For the past 12 years she has been mentored and instructed by Ken Landon Buck. Barbara's percise drawing skills serve her well as she creates detailed water color images. Her art has been in several shows in the Cincinnati area and has been included in published annual calendars. Click Barbara McKenzie Gallery to see some of her paintings.

image Herb Zeller

Herb is an architect by trade with a degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. He has had a love of art since he was a youngster and developed his skills in photography and water colors over the years both at work and for his own pleasure. He creates his art in the studio of his restored Victorian-Row-House home in Boston's South End. Click Herb Zeller Gallery to see some of his paintings and photographs.


Members of the Artery Collective participated in rounds 10 and 11 of the Art Challenge along with many of the above artists in 2011 and again in 2014 for rounds 25 and 26. Click Art Challenge to see their work.

On the southwest corner of 7th Street and Indian School stands a historic red brick building, THE ARTERY. There you will find an eclectic group of artists who produce a variety of expression, representation art, avant-garde abstract, mixed media, heavy expressive oils and acrylics, photographic images, charcoal sketches, and hand pulled prints. Walt Wieder, Robert Rosselli, Marilene Farmer, Barry Farmer, Beverly Shlinder, Laura Cohen-Hogan, Ann Osgood and Paulette Olive make up the 2014 artist members of the Artery. Other artists have participated in past years including: Donna Stenger, Kent Corbin, Agustin Vargas, Laura Black, Sandra Ortega, Joan Thompson, Barbara McGuire, Paulette Redmond, Michele and Brian Hinz, Matt Hunt, Norman Lazan, and Raul Gallegos. The Artists of Studio 6 maintain a Blog which can be accessed here.