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Sketches, Drawings and Paintings

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(*INFO - see separate top image of triptych
"Cowboy Up")

(*INFO - see separate center image of triptych
"Cowboy Middle")

(*INFO - see separate bottom image of triptych
"Cowboy Down")

Cowboy Up Down and Middle Triptych - Southwestern Suite
Drawn on Electronic Tablet - Installation 54" x 24" - Jim Lowman

royal weddings
Wedding Colors
Sharpie Pen and Mixed Media - 16" x 52" - Jim Lowman


Vermont Atmospherics
Image Drawn and Manipulated on Digital Pallate - 24" x 56" - Jim Lowman

travel quest
Broadside - Sketch of the Day - 20" x 40"
Archival Inkjet Print - Jim Lowman

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