Art Gallery - Various and Mixed Media - Jim Lowman
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Never Lost on the Mobius Highway
Bronze cast/lost wax on copper and sand - Jim Lowman

telegraph key
Key to Manhood
Polyptych - Telegraphy Hardware and Code Xerographed under canvas, transposed by cutout - Jim Lowman

lamp shade
Different Shade of Light Lampshade
Pigment Print on Shaped, Singed Paper - Jim Lowman
(*INFO - see the Original Sketch)

word game
Paul Loses Another Pick / The Pick Gremlin's View
Mixed Media Sculpture
(*INFO - see detail)

Cigar Box Guitar
Construct of Materials and Electronics - Jim Lowman

Fluorescent Paint on Paper, Mounted with Hatpin on Stick Under Black Light - Jim Lowman
(*INFO - See Image in Normal Light)
(*INFO - See Image Spinning in Black Light)
(*INFO - See "Whirligig" Concept Drawing flat)

Cycladic Image
Clay Mask - Jim Lowman

door window portal
Horsehair Effect
Horsehair Application to Bisque Pot - Jim Lowman and Ted Wolter
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